Portfolio Description

    Multiple Madness III


    A continuation of the chaos, but this time, every presentation is a monologue (“The Boxer” by David Matticus, “Loose Ends” by Michael Weller, “Dark Song” by Robin Fulford, “Forever yours Mary Lou” by Michel Tremblay, “Elastic” by Kelly Russell-Senior, “The Wishbone in Raggedy Ann’s Hope Chest” by Kim Croscup, “Iris” by Amy Starkey, “The Days of Wine and Roses” by J.P. Miller, “One Summer’s Night” by Paul Davis, “Drinking in Circles” by Robert Sherwood, “Justice For All” by Arthur Kirkland, “I’ve Never Said the F-Word” by Paul Davis, “Wild Abandon” by Daniel MacIvor.

    Produced at the Solar Stage, Toronto, September 21, 1996.


    • Multiple (monologues)


    • Self-directed (monologues)

    Stage Manager: 

    • Jason Law


    • Greg Szele

    Logo Design: 

    • Michael Koslowski (Multiple Madness I, II & III)


    • Paul Cotton
    • Kim Croscup
    • Paul Davis
    • Meraj Dhir
    • Bob Grewall
    • Michelle Hernandez
    • Irma Romano
    • Kelly Russell-Senior
    • Amy Starkey


    • September 21, 1996

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