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    Multiple Madness


    Five short one-act plays that have nothing in common -­ an emotional roller-coaster including The Toilet Paper War by R.J. Downes (directed by R.J. Downes), Perception by Jeff Hannaford (directed by Todd Dickinson), The Test by Regan W. H. Macaulay (directed by Regan Macaulay), The Destiny of Chance by R.J. Downes (directed by Regan Macaulay), Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor (directed by Jason Rumley).

    Produced at the Masonic Temple, Whitby, Ontario, September 24, 1995.


    • R. J. Downes
    • Jeff Hannaford
    • Daniel MacIvor
    • Regan W. H. Macaulay


    • Todd Dickinson
    • Rob Downes
    • Regan Macaulay
    • Jason Rumle


    • Shina Ahmad
    • Simone Cordice
    • Carrie Creamer
    • Ryan Creighton
    • Mary Downes
    • R.J. Downes
    • Doug Fost
    • James Green
    • Jason Law
    • Sheila Hall
    • Jason Rumley
    • Allyson Schmitz
    • Judy Singh
    • Amanda Smith


    • September 24, 1995

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