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    Music and Laughter & Homesick


    The first play explores the effects of commercialism and the control a manager has over her addicted Rock Star. The second is about a man who yearns for his lost love, and finally finds the courage to say good-bye.

    Produced at the Recycled Classic Theatre in Toronto, November 11 – 14, 1999.


    • R.J. Downes


    • Kim Croscup (Music and Laughter)
    • Rob Downes (Homesick)

    Stage Manager: 

    • Steve Zuliani

    Asst. Stage Manager: 

    • Kelly Watson


    • Andy Clitheroe
    • Kim Croscup
    • Rob Downes
    • Elfriede Erzen
    • Judy Singh
    • Angelo Stellato (Music and Laughter)
    • Rob Downes
    • Julie Florio
    • Kirklynne Garrett
    • Cheryl McNamara
    • James R. Murray
    • Mark Rainey (Homesick)


    • November 11 – 14, 1999

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