Regan’s new business, Kuri K9 Massage, is open!

Regan’s new business, Kuri K9 Massage, is open!

Regan Macaulay’s (Triple Take’s Artistic Director and Producer) new business, Kuri K9 Massage, is finally officially/fully open.  Though she has been seeing a few clients for the past few months, she is now ready for more appointments.  A price list is available on the Kuri K9 Massage website at under Services and Fees (on the right side of the top bar). 

A little bit about Kuri K9 Massage:  Kuri means dog, or four-legged animal in Maori, a culture of New Zealand, which is a place of great natural beauty and healing.  NZ is known for its geothermal activity, mainly in the North Island, the mud and mineral waters of which are used therapeutically.  It is a place filled with both indigenous and once foreign animals – a place of tranquility and nature, all part of the more holistic, traditional healing modalities, including massage therapy. 

As the land and animals of New Zealand have had so much positive influence in her life, Regan hopes to bring that positive spirit to massage and healing sessions with your K9, right here in downtown Toronto!  Let your dog relax and experience pain and stress relief through natural healing.  Kuri K9 provides Swedish massage treatment, coupled with other healing modalities as appropriate to your dog (or cat).
Regan has been working with animals for a number of years in a number of capacities.  She began as an Animal Wrangler and Animal Care Specialist for the children’s television program Once Upon a Hamster during its third and final season in 1997.  In 1999, she became a Receptionist and Vet Assistant at the Cat Doctor in Toronto for five years.  Later, Regan worked at Pet Cuisine and Accessories from 2008-2011 before making the decision to pursue further studies in animal healing. 

Regan began with the Treetops Canine Massage Therapy program (Sheilagh O’Sullivan, instructor) in January 2012.  The program included an Animal Anatomy and Physiology course and hands-on massage sessions on 10 different dogs (four or more massages each) and 4 cats.  After the completion of 44 case study massages and two written exams, she was certified to practice canine massage on October 1st, 2012, and is now a member of Canadian Animal Massage and Bodyworkers Association (insured through Henry Equestrian Insurance Brokers LTD).

She continued with Treetops and e-Training for Dogs, taking a course in Herbal Remedies and Aromatherapy (for personal use – certificate received October 6th, 2012), and Pet First Aid and CPR (certification received October 24th, 2012).  Right now, Regan is taking the All-Fit Dog course through e-Training for Dogs with Racine Hyatt, learning how to improve fitness in dogs for overall wellness. 

She also enrolled with Rob Fellows at Reiki 4 Dogs in the UK to receive certification in his course entitled Reiki Animal Healer (Reiki Level I – for cats, dogs, horses, and small or wild animals).  Regan received her certificate October 23rd, 2012.  She plans to continue studies in Reiki (Level II), and in animal healing with crystal healing for animals throughout 2013. 

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