Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical Comedy! At Hart House…

Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical Comedy! At Hart House…

Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical Comedy

Music & Lyrics by Kieren MacMillan and Jeremy Hutton
Book by William Foley, Jeremy Hutton, Jesse MacLean, Kevin MacPherson and Kate Smith

Based on the collective creation by Shakespeare by the Sea – Halifax
Directed by Jesse MacLean

January 11th – 26th, 2013 at Hart House Theatre (7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3H3)

Starring many, many people, including Andrew Dundass, Triple Take alumnus from Last Dance of the Dark Cloaked Avenger!

This Canadian-made musical features clever, biting and amusing twists on the familiar legends of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. With fast-paced, witty lyrics and a polished, sophisticated score, this show is sure to have you singing “The Evil Song”, “Undercover Lover” and “After Intermission” long after the curtain has come down. Irreverent to the core, Robin Hood is tongue-in-cheek entertainment that jabs an accusing finger at the social, political and religious constructs which inform our notions of status and the distribution of wealth.

3 Week Run:
Week 1: Friday & Saturday at 8PM
Week 2: Wednesday – Saturday at 8PM
Week 3: Wednesday – Saturday at 8PM + Saturday at 2PM

Ticket Prices:
Adults $25; Student & Seniors $15
$10 Student Tickets every Wednesday


Robin Hood
Daniel James

Maid Marion
Jennifer Morris

Will Scarlet
Kelly McCormack

Prince John
Kevin MacPherson

Archibald, The Sheriff of Nottingham
William Foley

Little John
Andrew Dundass

Friar Tuck
Benjamin Kyte

Len, Goon, Poor Person
Kenton Blythe

Ken, Goon, Poor Person
David DiFrancesco

Glen, Goon, Poor Person
Sarite Harris

Glen, Goon, Poor Person
Stephanie Schmid

Sven, Goon, Poor Person
Simon Rainville

Goon, Poor Person
Cameron Johnston

Goon, Poor Person
Luke LaRocque

Goon, Poor Person, Dance Feature
Lea Berry

Goon, Poor Person
Margaret Evraire

Goon, Poor Person, Dance Feature
Elizabeth Greer Turnbull

Jeremy LaPalme
Goon, Poor Person

Goon, Poor Person, Dance Feature
Melanie Mastronardi

Goon, Poor Person
Mara Zigler


Jesse MacLean

Co-Music Director, Sound Designer, Fight Director
Jeremy Hutton

Co-Music Director
Kieren MacMillan

Set Designer
Scott Penner

Costume Designer
Melanie McNeill

Lighting Designer
Simon Rossiter

Ashleigh Powell

Production Stage Manager
Dustyn Wales

Assistant Director
Carly Chamberlain

Assistant Music Director
Tara Litvack

Stage Manager
Tali Anzel-Sivkin

Assistant Stage Manager
Emma Burtch

Assistant Stage Manager
Mona Elayyan

Assistant Stage Manager
Olga Petrik

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