“Shakespeare’s Brain” is Cast!

“Shakespeare’s Brain” is Cast!

Allison McWood’s Shakespeare’s Brain, directed by Regan Macaulay and running during the third week of the Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival (March 21-24, 2007 at 8pm every evening and also 2:30pm on Saturday at the Alumnae Theatre), has been fully cast!

  • Kevin Risk as Shakespeare
  • Albert Masters as Darwin
  • Jason Reilly as Professor Smog
  • Andrea Lyons as Professor Blather
  • Stage Manager – Lynn Whitehouse

For more information on the actors, please visit our Who’s Who section.

Rob Downes and Kathryn Malek’s Death to Dating (March 14-17), directed by Pat McCarthy, is also being cast.  To see their cast list, please click "Read Full Article"…

The Cast of Death to Dating:

  • Lynn Zeelenberg as Lorene
  • Tracy Hovey as Julie
  • David Borwick as Luke
  • Razie Brownstone as Aunt Milly

Other shows playing the week of March 21 – 24, 2007 at the New Ideas Festival include:

  • Intimacy Inc. by Katherine Koller
  • Rendering by Deanna Kruger
  • Libraries are Exciting Places by Anthony Arnold
  • The Saturday Experiment, which runs on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 12pm (noon) is 4 10 2000 by Helen Yung

Also, come on out to see Kevin Risk in another show running at the New Ideas Festival during week two:

  • Conscientia by Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt (March 14-17)

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