Horror At Terror Creek, the play, paperback



Written by Regan W. H. Macaulay

Fanny Punn is a grad student working on her thesis – a study of an antiquated town called Terror Creek. For some mysterious reason, all surrounding villages have failed and turned into ghost towns, while Terror Creek thrives. Fanny heads to the Athame Inn, the only hotel in Terror Creek, to study the town more closely. There, she stumbles on a startling secret. Fanny’s fiancé, Vincent; her best friend, a very pregnant Rosemary; and Rosemary’s neglectful husband, Christopher, travel together to Terror Creek once Fanny fails to return home as promised to find out what’s gone wrong. Ligeia, High Priestess of a satanic cult of witches; Dr. Audley Salmon, resident mad scientist; and Edgar, the Poe-speaking bellboy, attempt to thwart them, but once Fanny’s friends find Lorre, Dr. Salmon’s mutilated brother and witness to the varied atrocities of Terror Creek, the pieces fall into place, and Fanny’s friends find themselves at the mercy of the occultist members of Terror Creek!

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