It Was Kit & Shakespeare’s Brain, two plays, paperback



Written by Allison McWood.

It Was Kit: The English Renaissance. The most controversial playwright in history (and his hysterical mother). Three bumbling spies, two over-zealous Atheists and one average guy named Shakespeare. Not to mention a prudish roommate, a paranoid Queen and a covert death plot. It all adds up to a recipe for laughter. And with Christopher Marlowe behind the antics, the Queen would never approve!
Shakespeare’s Brain: If only Shakespeare could see what we have done with his plays…Wait a minute…what if he can? When Shakespeare’s brain is severed in half by a couple of warped professors, the Bard is left with no choice but to leave Purgatory and return to earth in search of his precious brain. Alack, Will accidentally wanders into a Shakespeare lecture, and what he overhears leaves him absolutely agog!
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