The Aquarium, the play, paperback



Written by Allison McWood & Regan W. H. Macaulay

Jeanette is a lapsed writer and a woman cursed. She is surrounded by “farce” wherever she goes and whomever she’s with. Her roommates, Jen and Gen, have had enough of it. They kick Jeanette out and now have time together alone at last! Alex is a grad student recently stung by the bitter barb of love. George is his sexually aggressive roommate. They need a new roomie to replace Greta, Alex’s failed romance. They also need a new rule: no dating roommates living in “The Aquarium”, their flat. Along comes Jeanette, seemingly the perfect answer to their quest for the perfect roommate… A series of comic events follow, in farcical form, as Alex and George vie for Jeanette’s attention, Jen and Gen declare their love for each other, and everyone feels the upstairs neighbour, Bob, seems to see all and know everything about them, but how? Peer into the comical lives of the roommates in The Aquarium!

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