“Sloth the Lazy Dragon” book launch this Sunday October 2nd

“Sloth the Lazy Dragon” book launch this Sunday October 2nd

Regan W. H. Macaulay’s latest picture book, Sloth the Lazy Dragon, will be launched this weekend!

Come on down to Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore (991 Kingston Rd., Toronto) on
Meet the author, get your copy of Sloth the Lazy Dragon, listen to the reading of the book by Kevin Risk (Media Librarian) and meet this guy…
Dragon and dwarf costumes are not mandatory, but they are encouraged!  😉
There will be a draw for three prize packs after the reading!  And there will be dragon cookies…
From the original press release:

September 1, 2016  /  Toronto

Visit http://reganwhmacaulay.weebly.com/childrens-literature.html for contact details and to request review copies, photos, and an author bio.





Book launch for author’s next picture book to be held at Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore

Regan W. H. Macaulay is holding a book launch for her latest picture storybook, Sloth the Lazy Dragon, at Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore (991 Kingston Road, Toronto) on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 at 2:00pm.

Sloth the Lazy Dragon is a picture storybook written by Regan W. H. Macaulay, illustrated by Alex Zgud, and published by Guardian Angel Publishing.  The book is intended for children ages 4-7.

Sloth is a lazy and overweight dragon taking up space atop of a hoard of gold and jewels within a mountain inhabited by dwarves. One dwarf helps Sloth lose weight through diet and exercise. The grateful dragon, now able to fly, leaves the dwarf and his people a special gift.

Actor and Media Librarian Kevin Risk, will start things off with a reading of Sloth shortly after 2:00pm.  Prizes will be given out after the reading!  The author and illustrator will be available after prizes are distributed to sign copies of the book.  Dragon and dwarf costumes are encouraged!

Regan W. H. Macaulay writes novels, short stories, children’s literature and scripts.  Writing is her passion, but she’s also a producer and director of theatre, film and television.  She is an animal-enthusiast as well, which led her to become a certified canine (and feline) massage therapist.  Other books include her picture storybook Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese and her novelette adaptation of her feature film Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem! (available on iTunes and on DVD).

Sloth the Lazy Dragon and Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese are both illustrated by Alex Zgud.



“What a wonderful vehicle to introduce good eating and exercise habits for children! In Sloth the Lazy Dragon, author Regan W. H. Macaulay, gives the reader a delicious sense of balance in understanding the importance of taking care of oneself with proper diet and exercise! A delightful story that also offers a plus opportunity to discuss new words to little ones. With an entertaining storyline and beautifully illustrated characters by the artistic talents of Alex Zgud, one needs very little imagination to picture the dilemma of overweight “Sloth the Dragon” and his energized training coach “Radish!” Together they make a great team with memorable words and colorful pages that will keep the interest of its audience. The biggest gain with this darling book is its positive message encouraging readers of the importance in taking care of their health and wellness.”

— Lainie Belcastro, Writer, Storyteller & Speaker


“Sloth is a gigantic dragon who spends his time sitting on a pile of treasures.

But he’s very fat, although that word isn’t used in the book. In fact he’s so overweight he can’t even fly.

Then a dwarf named Radish offers to help him so the dragon won’t frighten him and the other dwarves and Sloth accepts the offer.

This book by Regan W. H. Macaulay will be an encouragement for kids to eat a healthy diet and stay active so, eventually, they can stretch their wings and fly like the dragon in the story.

And I won’t give away what happens to the treasure.

Alex Zgud created illustrations that show the story well.”

— Janet Ann Collins/OnWords, Writer, Teacher


“A fun read!! Sloth the Lazy Dragon has a timely topic about health and wellness. This book is filled with so much descriptive language and interesting vocabulary. The illustrations are so well done. As a teacher I can use this book to teach across the curriculum with science, health, and language arts. Sloth the Lazy Dragon will interest children in healthy eating habits and exercise in a fun and enjoyable way.”

— Sue Bangert-Wood


“Sloth the Lazy Dragon by Regan W.H. Macaulay, illustrated by Alex Zgud, is about a fat and lazy dragon—a perfect example of sloth. The dragon makes life difficult for the dwarves that live in the mountain where he is stuck by his excessive weight and weak muscles. One brave dwarf, Radish, faces the dragon and suggests some lifestyle changes. Readers will enjoy the results and reward for Radish’s efforts on behalf of Sloth.

The story is perfectly illustrated by Alex Zgud, who shows the reader Sloth’s transformation from a fat, weak blob, to a lean flying machine, frame by delicious frame. Parents, teachers, doctors, dieticians, and students will enjoy the yummy variety of food that is paraded by for our entertainment. I applaud this book as a good way to sneak in advice on eating and living more healthily—kind of like your mom sneaking veggies into your smoothies.

Ms. Macaulay’s picture book, Sloth the Lazy Dragon, is a great addition to schools’ health and nutrition curriculum, classroom libraries, as well as to doctors and dieticians’ offices. The food that Radish brings to Sloth is a wide variety of healthy eats. Radish gradually introduces exercises at a rate that Sloth can handle to build up his strength and support his new healthy lifestyle. This book is highly recommended for students ages 5 to 8.”

— Penelope Anne Cole
Multi-Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew, Magical Mea,
Magical Mea Goes to School, Magical Max and Magical Mickey, Magical Max and Magical Mickey’s Big Surprise, In and Out, All ‘Round About – Opposite Friends, What’s for Dinner?, and for Halloween: Ten Little Tricksters



“In SLOTH THE LAZY DRAGON, Regan W. H. Macaulay addresses the importance of diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle in a very clever way. Children will gain a wonderful example of the universal importance of kindness and helping others as well as dedication as Sloth’s transformation takes three years of hard teamwork.

This story shows the evolution of Sloth, an apt name for a fat and weak dragon living in the bowels of a mountain on a mound of gold and jewels, as he transforms into a fit and strong dragon able to have the energy needed to live an active and healthy lifestyle, compliments of the help of a brave dwarf named Radish, also a clever name for one offering lifestyle advice.

Radish offers to help Sloth and does so by presenting him with many new food and exercise options in his quest to aid the dragon in lightening his “girth” in order to fly and live a healthy lifestyle. Children will enjoy developing an awareness of new healthy food choices as Radish brings Sloth items like nuts, fruits, vegetables, pumpkin, legumes, fish and lean meat.

Ms. Zgud’s beautiful illustrations have a whimsical feel that children will love and really bring to life Sloth’s transformation from a fat and weak (Sloth) dragon into a fit and strong dragon ready to fly and see the world beyond the confines of the mountain.

SLOTH THE LAZY DRAGON is highly recommended for children ages 4-7 and offers a clever way for parents to address the importance of diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle and will foster excitement in children to try new and different food items as Sloth did.

** Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. This review consists of my truthful opinions, not influenced in any way by the author or publisher.”

— Karin Larson, author of Little Bug, published by Guardian Angel Publishing


“Radish the dwarf bravely and cautiously enters the cave where Sloth the fire-breathing dragon resides, surrounded by mounds of gold and precious gems. Radish is hopeful that Sloth won’t eat him and offers to help the portly dragon lose weight. Sloth is skeptical at first, wondering why the little fellow, so small he’s “hardly a mouthful”, would want to help him. But he’s keen to get in shape, so he accepts Radish’s offer. After three years of exercising and eating healthy, Sloth is ready to fly again.

Being a dragon fan, I was immediately drawn to this book. When I was much younger, I collected dragon figurines, along with other mythical creatures, such as winged horses and unicorns. Lore that features these fantastical beings continues to fascinate me.

What I like most about Sloth the Lazy Dragon is that it’s not your typical “knight defeats evil dragon and rescues the princess and all the townsfolk” kind of story. Instead, we meet a chunky, overweight, can-barely-move dragon and a little dwarf who is willing to put his fear aside and help him. There’s no damsel in distress, but rather, a suffering dragon. There’s no weapon-wielding, white-horse-riding hero, but rather, a tiny man with a beard and a pointy cap…and oh yah, some free weights.

Through a clever story told with a captivating voice and filled with interesting words, like diminutive, atrophied, and dirigible, as well as enchanting and fun illustrations, this book, oh so subtly, relays the message that being active and eating nutritious foods is important for your health. Kids will eat this story up, no pun intended, because it will capture their imaginations.

Favorite lines:

“Why do you not fly outside the mountain?” the dwarf asked anxiously.

“Use your eyes, little man,” the dragon snorted. “Can you not see my girth?””

— Lauri Fortino, Frog-on-a-Blog, author of The Peddler’s Bed


Children’s Bookwatch: August 2016
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

The Health Shelf

Sloth the Lazy Dragon
Regan W. H. Macaulay, author
Alex Zgud, illustrator
Guardian Angel Publishing
9781616337612, $19.95 HC, www.amazon.com
9781616337629, $10.95 PB, www.GuardianAngelPublishing.com

“Sloth the Lazy Dragon” is a delightful health fable that teaches children the value of eating a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise. It also teaches something about the value of trust, giving without expecting compensation, and respecting differences. Sloth was a lazy dragon who had stopped leaving his cave of treasures because it was too much trouble. He survived on eating stray goats who wandered into his cave. He became heavy and weak, unable to fly like a proper dragon. Sloth’s secret was guessed by an unlikely ally, Radish the dwarf. Despite Sloth’s fearful appearance, Radish confronted him with his poor health despite Sloth’s ineffective threats . Sloth mistrusted Radish, whose brothers and sisters in the mountain feared Sloth. But Radish convinced him to allow him to help by bringing him healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and lean fish to eat. Radish also taught the dragon simple strengthening exercises, gradually increasing their intensity. Finally one fine day the dragon was ready to fly again. Radish told Sloth: “You must continue with your diet and keep up your exercise, but you are a proper dragon again!” “I am forever grateful,” Sloth replied with a bow.’ In the end, Sloth decided to leave his gold and hoard of treasures to Radish and the other dwarves, from whom he had originally stolen them. “Sloth the Lazy Dragon” is enhanced by joyous, pastel, comic images of the dragon and his struggle to return to good dragon health. Children will adore the extreme indulgence of Sloth and the spunkiness of Radish. “Sloth the Lazy Dragon” is excellent health motivational reading for children ages 4-7.

— Diane Donovan, Editor, Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch: August 2016


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