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Day 9 of Regan’s 13 Horrifically Silly Days…also, her 15th Wedding Anniversary!

Have you had a chance to check out Regan’s 9th day of her 13 Horrifically Silly Days? It happens to cover her 15th Anniversary celebration with hubby Kevin Risk at the Monster Dash! Her costume as a Zombie Bride is AMAZING — check it out!!!
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Day 5 of Regan’s Horrifically Silly Days – Peter Donato, the Monster Dash

The 5th Day of a most silly and horrifying Halloween featured guest Peter Donato, founder of the Monster Dash – a race for young and old, ghoul or goblin, here in Toronto (at the Science Centre!)…click HERE!
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Day 2 of Regan’s 13 Horrifically Silly Days – Justine Alley Dowsett

Check out Day 2 of Regan’s most ludicrous and horrific days (of Halloween, but seriously, this stuff is great any time of the year)! Day 2 is a written interview for, where Regan interrogates genre author and publisher at Mirror World Publishing,...
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