“The Aquarium” opens TONIGHT – Canada Day – 8:15pm at the Factory Theatre!

Can a woman with a farcical curse find a normal, happy life without all the hijinx?  Only if she can get to the root of her curse during her stay in a flat affectionately known as "The Aquarium."

Left to right:  Jason Reilly as Alex, Anthony Palmer as George.
Photographed by:  E. C. Chevalier.

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From Left:  Andrea Lyons as Jen and Sandra Krstin as Gen.
Photographed by:  E.C. Chevalier.

From Left:  "Cindy" and Jason Reilly as Alex.
Photographed by:  E.C. Chevalier

From Left:  Kristen Corvers as Jeanette, Jason Reilly as Alex, and Scott Moore as Bob.
Photographed by:  E.C. Chevalier