Theatrical productions in the works

Kevin and Regan are co-writing again – this time, it’s a full-length live theatrical production written in iambic pentameter called Antony and Miranda – a “New Shakespearean Play”… Synopsis: Miranda is a theatre actor and producer who adores producing the works of Shakespeare almost as much as her best friend Troilus likes to pompously direct them. She is talented, beautiful, and intelligent. She has many friends and she comes from a high class, well-off family. She has it all, except true love. That is, until Antony – equally loveable, fortunate and handsome – is cast in her production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It would seem the two are meant to be. But not if Miranda’s false friend and fellow actor, Tamora has anything to do with it. The stakes climb as the story continues, culminating in the craziest opening night performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream the world has yet to see! Other theatrical productions in development include a number of plays by Allison McWood, and three plays by Kevin Risk: Down Raglan Road, Renaissance Man and Pasternak’s Plan.