“They Suck” – our next ‘cult classic’

The final polish of the final draft of the long-awaited script, They Suck, co-written by Regan Macaulay and Kevin Risk will be complete soon.  Production development begins immediately after.

Synopsis: A mutated vampire with extraordinary, unusual and unnatural thirsts springs to life in a graveyard.  One of his victims, a tidy, obsessive-compulsive woman named Nicole Ridley, is found "dying" by her hapless, animal-loving fiance Robert Spavor.  Sadly, not understanding the nature of the attack on his girlfriend, Robert and his pets struggle in vain to save her.  But the vampire Nicole awakes and begins to terrorize the city of Toronto…which is how she catches the eye of the Head Vampire himself! It is not long before her disgusting, lusty behaviour draws the attention of her ex-lover, who then realizes the intense gravity of the situation.  Will Robert’s love triumph over death?  He’ll make it so, or die trying.  He enlists the help of his friend, the troubled and childish Terry.  Together, they wage a war against the new vampire mutations that culminates in the silliest, most vulgar, blood-stained epic battle ever created!