TTP published scripts discounted for the holiday season!

As many of you know, there are a number of plays and movie scripts that Triple Take has published that make great gifts for movie and theatre lovers, and they are all discounted for the holiday season:

“Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!” the paperback script –…/space…/paperback/product-21373463.html

“Horror At Terror Creek” the paperback play –…/horro…/paperback/product-21276046.html

“The Aquarium” the paperback play (co-written with Allison McWood) –…/the-a…/paperback/product-21135199.html

“The Paradise Lust Romance Series” the paperback play (co-written with Judy Singh, R.J. Downes, Nat Lauzon and Julianne Grenkie Ouderkirk) –…/the-p…/paperback/product-21186340.html

“It Was Kit & Shakespeare’s Brain” the paperback plays by Allison McWood –…/it-wa…/paperback/product-21258795.html

“Crime & Etiquette” the paperback play by R. J. Downes –…/crime…/paperback/product-21979702.html

“They Suck” the paperback script by Kevin Risk and Regan T. M. Pazuzu (reader discretion advised—language, comic sexual situations and gore) –…/they-…/paperback/product-22190309.html

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