Zombie Lord: Conor McCreery

Zombie Lord: Conor McCreery

For the 10th anniversary of the movie Space Zombies:  13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!, Triple Take presents “Where are they now?” posts from some of the Space Zombies cast and crew.

We begin with Conor McCreery, Lord of the Zombies:

“Basically since Space Zombies, I worked at Business News Network as head writer, and also as a producer and on-air talent.  Anthony Del Col and I co-created a kid’s show that was optioned and went into development at Shaftsbury, but died on the vine.

And the big thing is Kill Shakespeare. The fourth trade is being written now, a board game comes out in August (yay!), and the stage-play version, which we wrote, has been performed in three countries and in fifteen cities (and counting).”

Check out Kill Shakespeare, the graphic novel series (and so much more)!

And don’t forget you can buy or rent Space Zombies on iTunes…and there’s also the novelette adaptation by Regan W. H. Macaulay available through lulu.com.


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